Thursday, January 19, 2012

From ugly to chic..

I inherited this wood bookshelf from my father-in-law.   He used it when he was a kid and it served its purpose holding my kids' books and stuffed animals in my family room.  But, then I rearranged my family room and when the love seat wasn't blocking it, I realized how BLAH it was.

So I decided to get all crafty and try to make it cuter.   I first spray painted it espresso brown, but it was really a chocolate brown (not a dark chocolate-- more like a Hershey's bar).   Not a fan.

So then I brushed on this glaze.   The problem is that there's not any nooks or crannies for the glaze to stick to.  I found a big dry brush and after painting on the glaze with a foam brush, I ran the big coarse brush over it to create a subtle finish.   Be warned-- it takes 2 days for the glaze to dry this way.

I then decided to paint the back and then stencil it, but I think I realized how much work that would be.  So then I thought I would modge podge scrapbook paper, but I didn't find any paper I liked.   But, then I found this fabric at Hobby Lobby.  It was on sale for $15 a yard.

I then used spray adhesive to spray it to the hard board backing and then I snuck in a few staples around the edges.    And I had my hubby nail it to the back of the bookshelf. 
And here it is! (with the sunlight streaming in on it)...  



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