Tuesday, January 17, 2012

My first refinishing job!

I decided to give refinishing some nesting tables of mine a try!   I received from freecycle 2 oak nesting tables.    They don't have much going for them in the design department, but I loved that they were free.  I spraypainted them a glossy black and enjoyed them for the last few months.  Until the finger prints started.  The glossy finish kept a running record of each time my kids touched it.

I then decided to get crafty!  I found some robin egg blue paint in my garage and I realized what I needed to do!   I painted the tables with a crappy brush and didn't even prime them first.   After two coats, I added a dark brown/black glaze from Lowe's with a foam brush.   I then used a damp rag (or old t-shirt) to remove the glaze from where I didn't want it and voila!  Some very cool tables that actually accent my living room now!

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